Bill for “digital nomad” visas in Costa Rica

Costa Rican Congress has approved, in first debate, a bill named the "Law to Attract Workers and Remote Service Providers”, also identified as "digital nomads".

What is this law about? Is it a Temporary Residence?

This project creates an immigration subcategory called “Estancia” for workers or remote service providers. It is not a temporary residence; therefore, it will not open the possibilities to obtain a permanent residency in Costa Rica.

When does this law enter into force?

It is approved in 1st debate. According to the Constitution of Costa Rica, the bill must have a second debate for its approval. After its approval, the President must sign the law and publish it to be in force.

Who does it apply to?

For those who receive a stable remuneration of not less than US$3,000, with the possibility of including the family group if the monthly remuneration is not less than US$4,000.

What is the validity of this visa and when must it be renewed?

The immigration category would be granted for one year, extendable for a single additional year if the beneficiary person has stayed in the country for a minimum of 180 days during the first year granted.

Which are the benefits?

  • Basic personal computer, computer, telecommunications, or similar equipment, necessary to fulfill its tasks provide its services are exempt from import taxes.
  • The valid driver's license granted in the beneficiary's country of origin will also be considered valid in Costa Rica for transportation or driving purposes.
  • The beneficiaries of this law, if approved, may open savings accounts in the national banking system banks.
  • The law would establish the obligation to acquire a valid insurance policy for the term of his/her stay in the country.

What obligations must the digital nomad fulfill under the time of residence?

He or she must purchase insurance valid for the residence time and reside a minimum time of 180 days in CR during the first year.

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