Management of Occupational Health and Safety in Telework in Guatemala

Lester Meda

Telework should not be analyzed from an isolated perspective, but rather a variation of the “traditional” employment relationship should be recognized in it. There is no specific regulation in Guatemala on the matter.

Aspects to consider implementing teleworking.

There are certain tasks that can be accomplished through a remote model, and it must be studied in which positions are likely to be carried out by teleworking (1).

The maximum working hours per week must be respected (2). Otherwise, legal contingencies will be the order of the day (3).

The employer must provide inputs that allow the worker to maintain health, and the latter must use them in the manner indicated.

Productivity control models and a clear sanctioning regime must be generated to avoid confusion.

In conclusion, it is a functional work model that can help generate new job opportunities, it only needs a clear and easy-to-understand application.


(2)  Artículo 102 Constitución Política de la República de Guatemala.