The latest reforms to Intellectual Property in Nicaragua

Carlos Aguilar

On April 3, 2020, the partial reforms to the laws that protect Intellectual Property in Nicaragua entered into force through their publication in the country's Official Gazette. The two recently reformed laws are Law No. 380 “Trademark Law” and Law No. 354 “Patent Law”.

The reforms to Law No. 354 correspond to the increase in rates for services of the Intellectual Property Registry (the "Registry"), while the reform to Law No. 380 also incorporates various changes with the aim of providing users greater agility in all the different processes. It also incorporates provisions that fill gaps and contradictions in both laws for having been approved almost 20 years ago. In general, we must mention that, for the most part, the increases in the registry service fees range from 20% to 50%.

It also presents some new features, such as the incorporation of Auxiliary Registrars whose objective, according to the reforms, is to streamline the notification and registration processes of the applications that are presented to the Registry. The Auxiliary Registrars are attributed in their functions with the authority to sign notices, certifications, registry entries, among others.

There is a shortening of the duration of the procedures as well since the reform is aimed at guaranteeing that they are done in less time. Specifically, the duration of procedures such as a) correcting form errors was considerably reduced; b) file oppositions and c) present power of attorney in the event of an informal manager.

In the same way, an electronic notification is also incorporated, giving the possibility of receiving real-time notifications of the various procedures that one may be working on.

These reforms are expected to have a positive effect on response times and the speeding up of procedures related to Intellectual Property in Nicaragua.

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