Summary of the measures taken in El Salvador due to COVID-19 as of April 27th

Kattya Vidal

On 27 April 2020, Executive Decree No. 21, entitled "Extraordinary Prevention and Containment Measures to Declare the National Territory a Zone Subject to Health Control in order to Contain the Covid-19 Pandemic" was published in the Official Gazette, the aforementioned decree repeals Executive Decree No. 19.

The decree contains the following measures:

  • Mandatory home guarding (general confinement or quarantine).
  • Controlled quarantine for 30 days for the person who fails to comply with the mandatory home guarding without justification and who, after having been evaluated by the medical personnel, is classified as a suspicious case.
  • Remission of the vehicle of the person in violation of the mandatory home guarding to be subjected to a disinfection process and subsequent deposit in places determined by the Vice Ministry of Transport. 
  • Limitation of circulation in affected or epidemically endangered places.
  • Every person is obliged to allow the entry of delegates of the Ministry of Health to inspect the interior of houses, premises, public or private properties, for the evaluation of health measures.
  • Prohibition of entry into the territory to any person, except Salvadorans by birth or naturalization, residents, members of diplomatic mission and consular office accredited in the country, as well as members of their families, who will be evaluated by the staff of the International Health Office (IHO) to determine the health measures to which they are to be subjected.
  • Faculty for the IHO to set mandatory control measures and environmental sanitation activities complementary to those suggested by WHO (for the persons referred to in the previous point), as determined by the Ministry of Health, in order to further mitigate the risk posed by COVID-19 to the health of the population.
  • Obligation to wear a disposable face mask for any person authorized to circulate.
  • Obligation of identification to attend the activities allowed by the decree through your ID, company card and letter of authorization to circulate.

Executive Decree No. 21 also contains a list of persons authorized to circulate, an updated list of services and industries that can operate during the emergency, the authorization for the circulation of vehicles of authorized persons and other rules for the implementation of the measures.

The decree can be downloaded from the following link: