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Procurement and administrative law

Administrative Law :
Defense and determination of clients’ interests before the different government institutions in all related areas: customs, regulated public services, aqueducts, energy, municipal, health affairs, among others.
Defense in administrative proceedings.
Regulatory affairs, sanitary and local licenses.
Mediation and conciliation with government entities.

Procurement Law: 
• Analysis of public procurement notice.
• Remedies to clarify or modify the public procurement notice, appeals of the result of the procurement process. 
• Bidder’s support during the bidder process.
• Prices review for maintaining of the economic equilibrium of the contract.
• Litigation of penalties and fines during execution of contracts.
• Resolutions of controversies with contractors and parties.


Conflicts of parental authority.
Alimony or child support: regular procedure for determining the right and establishing the fee, ratification process, benefit of payment in tracts, permits to get work, patrimonial execution, restitution of the amount paid, process in case of concealment or distraction of property, execution of decisions of Family Court.
Fault modification incident.
Anticipated liquidation of matrimonial assets.

• Divorce by mutual consent.
• Marriages.
• Prenuptial agreements.
• Domestic violence processes.
• Guardianship or judicial declarations of abandonment.
• Adoptions.
• Recognition of the child of a married woman.
• Guardianship and curatorship.

Energy, technology and telecommunications

Development of Internet projects.
Infrastructure shareholder’s agreements.
Software lease and development agreements.
Concessions, permits, and authorizations before regulatory agency.
Purchase and maintenance of telecommunications and computer equipment and services.
Added value telecommunication services.

• Wire and wireless networks.
• Submarine cable negotiations.
• Technology transfer agreements and licenses.
• Internet service providers (ISP).
• Application service providers (ASP)..
• Internet portals.
• E‐commerce.
• Virtual communities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisitions, including share deals, security deals and asset deals.
Due diligence.
Leveraged buyout transactions.
Recapitalization and other corporate restructurings.

• Issuer and third-party exchange offers.
• Mergers and mergers by acquisition.
• Assessment to buyers, sellers, target companies, investment banks, and other stakeholders in M&A transactions.
• Competition approvals, governmental approvals, anti-trust regulation and other ancillary processes.

Real Estate

Due diligence.
Construction and development.
Urban planning.
Environmental matters.
Development loans.
Land use permits.
Maritime zone.
Sales and purchases.

• Public and private partnership structures.
• Structuring of multiple source loans.
• Privatizations and related transactions.
• Structuring of SPVs for investment.
• Complex debt restructuring.
• Joint ventures for property development.
• Legal representation for development and investment projects, real estate funds, mortgage and creditor investors.

Litigation and Arbitration

Commercial litigation.
Civil litigation.
Agrarian law conflicts.
Labor litigation.
Unfair competition and trademark counterfeiting litigation.

• Government and administrative litigation.
• Collection proceedings.
• Expropriation proceedings.
• Arbitration (national and international).

Banking and Finance

Investment agreements.
Project finance.
Loan structuring during merger or acquisition processes.
Public and private offerings.
Debt structuring and restructuring.
Credit facilities.
Regulatory compliance.
Debt prosecution.

• License procurement for banking and finance institutions.
• Banking and Insurance negotiation, mergers proceedings, shareholder’s agreements, and authorization before the Superintendence of the Financial System.
• Bank acquisitions.

Corporate and Business Law

Implementation of innovative transactions.
Drafting and filing of charter documents and bylaws for legal entities.
Establishing, structuring, and restructuring of businesses, companies, and groups.
Business planning.
Stock option plans.
Employment relationships.
Consortia, partnerships, and joint ventures.

• Shareholder’s agreements.
• Due diligence.
• Corporate governance.
• Corporate succession.
• Corporate records.
• Corporate litigation.
• Minority rights.
• Creditor’s right.
• Management agreements.

Labor Law

Labor due diligence.
Integral advise on labor issues.
Workshops addressed to corporate HR departments.
Labor settlements.
Labor dispute prevention.

• Drafting and preparation of internal company policies.
• Labor lawsuits.
• Consultation on good labor practices.
• Labor due diligence.

Media and Entertainment Law

Music, motion picture, sports, games, and live entertainment.
Drafting, preparation, and negotiation of entertainment agreements: personal management agreements, recording agreements, band agreements, distribution agreements, talent agreements, production agreements, and licensing agreements.

• Copyright and trademark advise.
• Litigation.
• Structuring of financing and funding for potential growth opportunities.
• General corporate advice to entertainment entities.

Trust and depositary services

One-time transactions.
Independent handling of escrow accounts.
Custody of shares or other assets. 

• Private loans with first degree mortgage over property as collateral.
• Collection and administration of loans for the given term.
• Analysis and structure of loans.
• Financial restructuring of liabilities
• Valuation, assessment, and acquisition of companies.
• Private capital injections.


Maritime, aviation, multimodal and logistics

Certificates of seaworthiness.
Naval mortgages.
Gross breakdown.
Hull insurance.
Representation of Protection and Indemnization clubs (PANDI).
Preventive embargo and ship arrest.
Ship and flag registration.
Charter contracts (by time/by voyage).
Legal representation of naval agents and ship provisioning.

• Cargo claims (in bulk and by containers).
• Bills of lading.
• Port and customs administrative sanctions.
• Handling of INCOTERMS in the implementation of cargo transportation contracts.
• Sailor claims for high sea accidents.
• Claims concerning docker (stevedore) handling.
• Implementation of SOLAS, MARPOS and other international conventions.


• Tax representation
Local and international tax planning

• Tax business consulting
• Tax compliance consulting.

Non-Profit Organizations

Civil associations, foundations, federations, confederations and employer´s organizations.

• Corporate procedures (incorporation, drafting of bylaws and internal regulations, Legal Books legalization, bylaws reform and new appointments).
• Legal support at assemblies and meetings.
• Registration at the General Tax Administration (DGT).

• Public Interest Declaration (Ministry of Justice).
• Income tax-deductible donations authorization.
• Legal Support at the reporting process to the Office of the Controller-General of the Republic.

Competition Law

• Preparation of guidelines, manuals and internal compliance programs for companies on competition law matters.
• Execution of audits to diagnose compliance with competition law.
• Presentations and lectures on competition law.
• Representation and assistance in the approval of mergers and acquisitions before the competition authorities.

• Mediation and support to establish defenses before the competition authorities.
• Representation for filing claims before the national authority for anticompetitive behavior from competing companies or other market agents.

Property Management

Escrow services.
Annual corporate maintenance.
Filing and payment of corporate tax.
Filing and payment of income tax.
Corporate domicile and registered attorney services.

• Payment of basic utilities, HOA fees and insurance policies.
• Filing and payment of property taxes and luxury home tax.


Processing and renewal of temporary residences in all categories, including family reunification.
Processing and renewal of permanent residences.
Processing of citizenship application.
Processing and renewal of work permits in all categories.
Updating of immigration status.

• Company registrations before the Immigration Department.
• Processing of immigration status certifications.
• Cancellation of immigration status.
• General consulting in immigration and relocation matters.

Project finance

Shareholder/sponsor agreements.
Engineering, procurement and construction contracts.
Operation and maintenance contracts.
Take-off, long-term sales, supply, hedging and throughput agreements.
Non-recourse and limited recourse guarantee structures.

• Inter-creditor agreements and syndicated loan structures.
• Project asset and cashflow based loan and investment vehicles.
• Securitization, options, derivatives and insurance structures for risk mitigation.

Regulatory Compliance

Specialized counseling in compliance and corporate governance: compliance verification, due diligence processes, anticorruption evaluation, corporate compliance planning and supervision, corporate risk prevention. We have vast experience in risk management and provide a specialized advisory focused on legal and regulatory compliance for regulated sectors, according to each applicable legislation.
Ethical investigations and installation of a proper system for Claim’s Management.
Counseling on the application and interpretation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Law.
Audits in compliance of administrative policies and Human Resources.
Preparation of ethical codes periodical revisions and support in the correct application by employees.
International norm counseling related to the FCPA Law and money laundering: constant updates and proper application.

• Registry of natural persons and/or corporations in compliance with Law 8204 and its bylaws.
• Elaboration of guidelines for legal compliance and manuals on compliance procedures for anti-money laundering.
• Due diligence preparation and elaboration of reports in order to comply with the resolution regarding the Registry of Transparency and Final Beneficiaries, to be made before the Central Bank.
• Corporate amendments to comply with the Corporate Governance Voluntary Code and other mandatory corporate governance guidelines; according to each specific entity and its business activity.
• Drafting of corporate governance codes.
• Elaboration of family protocols and all related matters to Family Planning and Family Offices.

Intellectual Property

• Counseling.
• Prosecution of new trademarks or renewal of existing trademarks.
• Licensing.
• Opposition actions.
• Searches and investigations.
• Cancellation and nullification actions.
• Prosecution.
• PCT filings.
• Technology transfer agreements and licenses.
• Opposition and cancellation actions.
• Counseling.

• Licensing.
• Copyright Office proceedings.
• Civil and criminal actions.
• Anti‐ counterfeit actions.
• Customs measures and proceedings.
• Anti‐trust and Competition Board proceedings.
• Consumer board proceedings.
• Health registrations (pharmaceuticals, food products, medical equipment, cosmetics,
• Agrochemical and additives.
• Food for animals.