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Eric Scharf



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Eric Scharf

Born 1970. Admitted to bar, 1994, Costa Rica. Public Notary, 1994.

Columbia University School of Law, New York (LL.M., 1999. Designated as honor student. Scholarships from Fulbright-LASPAU and the Organization of American States). College of Insurance, New York. (Courses on Risk Management & Insurance, 1999). Practicing Law Institute, Nueva York. (Courses on Insurance, Mergers & Acquisitions and Securities, 1999-2000). University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica. Law Degree and Notary Public, June 1994. Honor student and Honor graduation

Costa Rican Bar Association, 1994. Member of the International Insurance Society. Member of the Costa Rican Association of International Law (Treasurer 2008-2012, Vice-President 2012-2015). Founding member of the Association for the Study of the CAFTA Free Trade Agreement (Treasurer 2005-2006, President 2006-today). Member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (Membership Chair of the Costa Rican Chapter 2012-2104, President of the Costa Rican Chapter 2014-2015, Area Director for Central America and the Caribbean 2015-2017, Regional Director for Latin America 2017-2019). Director of the Costa Rica-Israel Forum (2009-today). Founding member of the Costa Rica-Israel Chamber of Commerce (Vice-President 2015-2016, President 2016- today). Founding member of the Costa Rican Interfaith Forum (2016-today)

COALICION COSTARRICENSE DE INICIATIVAS DE DESARROLLO (CINDE), San José, Costa Rica. Comptroller of the Board of Directors, 2015-2019. Director of the Board of Directors, 2018-2019. President of the Board of Directors (2019-today). PROMOTORA DE COMERCIO EXTERIOR (PROCOMER), San José, Costa Rica. Member of the Board of Directors, 2010-2014. Sfera Legal, San José, Costa Rica. Founding Partner, 2012-today. Private Property Registry, San José, Costa Rica, 2007-2008.Feinzaig, Scharf & van der Putten (FSV), San José, Costa Rica. Founding Partner, 2000-2012. Brown & Wood LLP, New York. Foreign Associate, 1999-2000. Facio & Cañas Law Firm, San José, Costa Rica. Associate Attorney, 1994-2000. Paralegal, 1989-1994. University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica. Professor of Civil Law (1997-1998, 2001-2002); Professor of Roman Law, (1995-1997).

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Regulatory Compliance

Specialized counseling in compliance and corporate governance: compliance verification, due diligence processes, anticorruption evaluation, corporate compliance planning and supervision, corporate risk prevention. We have vast experience in risk management and provide a specialized advisory focused on legal and regulatory compliance for regulated sectors, according to each applicable legislation.
Ethical investigations and installation of a proper system for Claim’s Management.
Counseling on the application and interpretation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Law.
Audits in compliance of administrative policies and Human Resources.
Preparation of ethical codes periodical revisions and support in the correct application by employees.
International norm counseling related to the FCPA Law and money laundering: constant updates and proper application.

• Registry of natural persons and/or corporations in compliance with Law 8204 and its bylaws.
• Elaboration of guidelines for legal compliance and manuals on compliance procedures for anti-money laundering.
• Due diligence preparation and elaboration of reports in order to comply with the resolution regarding the Registry of Transparency and Final Beneficiaries, to be made before the Central Bank.
• Corporate amendments to comply with the Corporate Governance Voluntary Code and other mandatory corporate governance guidelines; according to each specific entity and its business activity.
• Drafting of corporate governance codes.
• Elaboration of family protocols and all related matters to Family Planning and Family Offices.


Processing and renewal of temporary residences in all categories, including family reunification.
Processing and renewal of permanent residences.
Processing of citizenship application.
Processing and renewal of work permits in all categories.
Updating of immigration status.

• Company registrations before the Immigration Department.
• Processing of immigration status certifications.
• Cancellation of immigration status.
• General consulting in immigration and relocation matters.

Project finance

Shareholder/sponsor agreements.
Engineering, procurement and construction contracts.
Operation and maintenance contracts.
Take-off, long-term sales, supply, hedging and throughput agreements.
Non-recourse and limited recourse guarantee structures.

• Inter-creditor agreements and syndicated loan structures.
• Project asset and cashflow based loan and investment vehicles.
• Securitization, options, derivatives and insurance structures for risk mitigation.

Intellectual Property

• Counseling.
• Prosecution of new trademarks or renewal of existing trademarks.
• Licensing.
• Opposition actions.
• Searches and investigations.
• Cancellation and nullification actions.
• Prosecution.
• PCT filings.
• Technology transfer agreements and licenses.
• Opposition and cancellation actions.
• Counseling.

• Licensing.
• Copyright Office proceedings.
• Civil and criminal actions.
• Anti‐ counterfeit actions.
• Customs measures and proceedings.
• Anti‐trust and Competition Board proceedings.
• Consumer board proceedings.
• Health registrations (pharmaceuticals, food products, medical equipment, cosmetics,
• Agrochemical and additives.
• Food for animals.